Audacious Energy (AEC)

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AEC is a Canadian clean technology company, specializing in cost effective Energy Storage via 2nd Life EV Batteries and Intelligent Software Development for energy demand side management.

Our products and services enable more efficient energy storage and optimization for forward looking commercial farmers.

Our Expertise

2nd Life EV Batteries

Appliance Control Software

Our Differentiators

We specialize in energy storage and intelligent software solutions for commercial farmers globally

World Class Team

Our diverse team adopts a first principles approach to energy  assessments, with a focus on system sizing with precision.

Intelligent Control Systems

We have developed a proprietary appliance control software which analyzes appliance level data and optimizes daily energy consumption.

High Quality Battery Storage

We provide, high quality and cost effective energy storage solutions via best in class 2nd Life EV Batteries.

Our Experience

Audacious Energy Corp (AEC) has experience developing solar microgrids for commercial farmers in Sub Saharan Africa. Our first pilot was with a farmer in Banket, Zimbabwe, who operates a 267-acre mixed use farm which sells livestock and plants mass crops. 

Our Banket client commissioned the development of a 30kW solar microgrid with use of 2nd life EV Batteries to provide 133kWh of energy storage at his farm and power all of his primary electrical equipment for farming operations. 

This required delivery of uninterrupted power supply for his irrigation pumps, borehole, cold storage freezer, meat cutting saws, soya extraction machine and all farmhouse appliances.  Our client looks forward to further expansion of his solar microgrid  via a Phase II project with AEC. This will allow him to power more capital equipment, such as larger irrigation pumps, more boreholes and milling machinery.


“We are facilitating the path towards a zero carbon future”

Let's Reduce Carbon Emissions by

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