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“We help you right-size your battery” 

2nd Life EV batteries are a cost effective energy storage solution that can help your energy management in 3 distinct ways: 

  1. Backup energy storage 
  2. Renewables firming 
  3. Transmission stabilization

By completing a detailed energy needs assessment, we can help you select the battery size and storage capacity that is appropriate for your specific needs, consequently optimizing your energy consumption.

A microgrid is a small-scale power system consisting of few loads and distributed energy resources (such as solar, wind, diesel engines, battery storage) capable of working with or operating independently from the local electricity network.

Looking to adopt renewable energy on your farm? Well, AEC has you covered. 

AEC partners with solar microgrid design firms in your area to provide you with energy resilience for vital infrastructure such as: farm homes, irrigation, boreholes, security lighting,  cold storage, machines and all other electrical appliances. These solar microgrids integrate seamlessly with our 2nd Life EV Battery solutions for energy storage and can be designed and implemented for a wide range of other commercial applications.

AEC offers integrated equipment sourcing as a supplementary service for clients looking to purchase and ship solar panels, inverters, or other controller hardware from international suppliers. 

AEC specializes in supplying high performing 2nd Life EV Batteries as a cost effective energy storage solution for your microgrid. We partner with best in class installers for quality assurance, system maintenance and equipment reliability in local markets.

To learn more about demand side management and tracking load data, please review our Appliance Control Software (ACS) page.

For more information on our 2nd Life EV Battery solutions, please review our products page and contact us below.

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