Our Core Values

Loyalty to

We aim to ensure a more sustainable planet

Commitment to transparency

Honesty, Integrity and Reality driven decision making are key

Audacity and unconventional

We strive to improve the global human condition

and discipline

We are fueled by the pursuit of excellence

Our Long Term Strategy

AEC’s long-term vision is to become a product & software company, specializing in the development of energy management software for microgrids, and the refurbishment, and deployment of reliable, high quality 2nd Life EV Batteries for use in microgrids at scale.

2nd Life EV Batteries are a cost effective solution for energy storage, and help to further the circular economy by repurposing existing li-ion batteries. As a direct substitute for diesel power, they help to lower the global carbon footprint, as we strive to reduce CO₂ emissions by 1 Million Cars Equivalent by the year 2030.

Meet Our Team

Syed H. Ali

Founder and CEO

Brendon Tankwa

Chief Strategy Officer

Kuzi Mutonga

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Bichel

Software Architect

Meet Our Advising Team

Sophie Postif


Tosan Omatsola


Tony Ennison Jr.


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