A Brief Background on 2nd Life EV Batteries

Over 25 million 2nd Life EV Battery packs will be available for purchase by the year 2030.

How 2nd Life EV Batteries end up on a farm

What are the Benefits of Buying 2nd Life EV Batteries?​

1. Performance

2nd Life EV Batteries are higher performing batteries compared to lead acid and gel batteries due to their lithium ion chemistry, higher current and greater depth of discharge. This results in a higher number of  available battery cycles and a longer useful life. 

2. Cost

Lithium-ion battery prices have been declining precipitously over the past decade, and are expected to continue to decline, as the demand for more cost effective energy storage solutions accelerates globally

*see 10 year battery pack forecast*

3. Availability of supply

2nd Life energy storage capacity is expected to exceed 1000 gigawatt hours by the year 2030. This represents over 25 million 2nd life EV battery packs which will be available for purchase by the end of the decade as EV battery sales continue to grow in prominence.

German Renewable Energy Federation e.V. (BEE), 2016

AEC'S Appliance Control Software​

Our Appliance Level Control System (ACS) ensures the sophistication of your microgrid ecosystem is always maintained.

Energy on Demand When You Need It

The timing of energy loads is of critical importance in microgrids. Load balancing ensures the available solar power utilization is maximized and the battery is never over-worked.  

Our ACS ensures the sophistication of your microgrid ecosystem is always maintained. Each load is continually monitored, and, based on your desired priorities, appliances are energized or de-energized to suit the environmental conditions. In the event of a surge of available power or over-demand, alerts are delivered straight to your personal device where you can decide how to go about your day. The power is in your hands.

Keep Your Energy on Demand